Thursday, October 4, 2007

surrounded by artists

It's no secret my life has been surrounded by artists: a brother, a grandfather, even a father and a step-mom. And yes, my other half, Gerardo, is yet - too - an artist. He created this beautiful piece -- Enrique Inglesias that just pops off one of our walls. When we first moved into our home, intially, I placed it in different spaces but finally settled on an area following our living room. It is incredible to look at up close, stare at. It's also quite the size: measuring about 42"h and 30"w. This was a shot we took of it, wasn't the best set up but it worked at that time. Gera also sketched my best friend, Tracy--from a beautiful black and white photo I took of her years ago.

Sometimes especially, when I am busy, minding my own business, I catch him: lead in hand, accounting my face.

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