Wednesday, September 12, 2007

taming wood

There are many reasons why I have my guy. Little did I know when we met a few years ago that he was gifted. Well, okay, we say his work is not Rockler quality or can even be compared to The New Yankee--BUT!--Gera knows how to tame some wood. This project took about three weeks. He bought the wood as scratch large planks and boards, custom cut and shaped them to fit a stair case. Looks easy but it was challenging work. I can say this because I helped coat the bases and stains: the elementary stuff. When he doesn't have a project planned which is rare, he chimes, "I need to move the manos."


Spring said...

Wow, what wonderful work! I am very impressed. Also impressed with the picture of you with your baby. You were a baby yourself!

jenn's mama said...

Yeah, she was a little piglet and I was a very happy, very young single mom.