Tuesday, September 4, 2007


upon hearing your voice
life again expands like
moon crest like
pomegranates swell to the sun
and you are patient because
god calls

when he came for you this morning
you were bent into the flower bed
singing black hymns
so he left you alone until this third afternoon
but even then he found you elbow deep
in jewel weed with a mouthful of figs
from a nearby tree
again he waited
because each time seemed
to him
an invonvenience and a wrong moment

and it was your persistent humming
that drove him up
and back
until he could get his timing perfect
he waited another day or so until


your gardening tools rest into porch corners
your paring knife shines deeply into a drawer
your hair comb lies slanted in a shoebox
your wedding band hides in the mattress
your fishing rod stays stolen

the sound of your voice desires to sing or hum
but this time is perfect
he has covered you like lavender-colored silence
but he has also added streaks of olive green and pink
because this is what the other soul-folk has told him to do
and he has become tired in the process and therefore begins
to rush sonances of your body
he finds you the least complex when you are not outdoors
digging in that garden, humming hymns and thriving
and for a moment he questions his own timing
its perfection
and everything goes accordingly until he finds you have buried
fruit peels and wandering jew petals underneath your back
this does not anger him but it tilts his agility to deliver you
and in his own questioning and presence of smells that he cannot privilege
all this over powers his choice
all this reels his otherwise perfection into letting
you go

when i see you sitting in the plush squares of limitless St. Augustine
your eyes are lit like crystal
warmed soil releases from each of your hands

how did i get to this point
this point of knowing you for you are nearly a century old

when god returns
you hear my voice
and then

we begin again


1 comment:

Shawna Yang Ryan said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
you are my favorite poet.