Thursday, September 13, 2007

rebellious women

Daddy Billy: his colors, his water, his craft. These are yet two more works from my grandfather’s rebellious women series. The redhead is phenomenal. It’s as if she taunts a lover or gentleman caller—maybe that’s an understatement. Her green jewelry is intense—to me—as well as the rosy cheeks which are highly suitable. For a long while, I stared at the corn-colored blond. Smoking has its attractions. Her face seems to give a carefree expression: “You want it or not? It doesn’t matter to me.” And the last of the three is an amazon beauty. The bracelet, the dark lipstick and ready-to-please smile says it all. If you look closely, her eyelashes bat-bat-bat. They each have such charming extras that give them a burst of personality, sexuality and rebellion. I’m not sure why my grandfather signed some and not others. My mother probably has some knowledge.

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Eva said...

They are like Eric Stanton's female wrestlers. I bet he knew them. And his drawing technique is excellent.