Wednesday, September 5, 2007

on building something...for spring

I could not resist posting one for Spring. She said sometimes she just wants to build something. We have learned owning a home has its peak, especially when "building something". Our tiny hallway was not as fun to modify, at least not for me--and most of the time--I am in the way more so than a help. ...and this was all after we knocked out a wall or two! But Gera gets the itch often and off he goes! Hmmmm, see any resemblance...? We now 'arch' through the hallway and I must say, my guy's got skills!

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Spring said...

Thanks! That's great, I LOVE to see things go up. Amazing when you see it in a matter of seconds. That is so much more impressive than my piddly hooks. Congratulations and deep admiration!