Thursday, September 20, 2007

my real job

So this semester is so busy. Today, I tutored students writing essays on
The Old Man and the Sea: What lit elements contribute to theme?
The Storm: How does the element--setting build the theme?
A&P Why does Sammy quit his job?
A Rose for Emily—“I don’t get this story”—nearly every student whines…
How to write a classification essay:
Nurses: LVNs, RNs, and N. Practitioners
They are classified by their salaries, education, and duties.
Campers: partyers, family vacationers, nature lovers. Parallelism is important.
One student came in with an assignment to write a descriptive essay. She picked “attitude”---I suggested she pick something tangible and go for sensory details. Save the attitude essay for definition. It’s done.
Subjects must agree with verbs
Pronoun reference---be specific
Pronoun antecedent agreement
Assignment: Pick 3 items that represent your past, present and future? Best essay from a student: High heels. When she was five she remembers a girl who was poor, but who always wore nice high heels shoes and hung out at the university—she called her the “university girl”. Skittles because they represent the USA where unlike her native country there are many different cultures and colors. And a candle, because she wants to burn bright in her future and have people around her.
Random capitalization is just wrong
Best characters to analyze: Emily, Martha Hale, Mrs. Wright, Olaf and Mrs. Mallard
My last student for the day spent the entire session venting about the semi-colon

Honestly, I think I am just experiencing post-draft fatigue.

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