Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my only enemy

Throughout this week my enemy---ragweed---has beaten me down.

Ragweed: Comes during the heat and humidity of Texas weather. We’ve had some long, warm rains that fought back my airborne nemesis, but this week, I’m the loser. Ragweed blooms in September and thrives in rural areas, especially like mine. Never mind we are often greeted with the fresh smells of horse dung, wake up to the lusty crows of roosters, who at times, crow in the evening and well into the night. Non-stop. The cows are friendly, the goats and kids are random. But anyway, ragweed---its the pollen seedlets that blow around in the air or cling stagnantly to the damp still.

Yesterday, I peered out the glass door at Gera as he pulled the lawnmower to the edge of the yard. He frowned at me and said, “Vente paca, mami, pero no puedes, verdad? Lo siento!” I have had to retreat and avoid breathing the usual sticky, hot air I love so much. I'm fond of sweat! But now, I'm in. My eyes are puffy, they shed tears and the linings swell. My nose is stuffy at times, then clear, then stuffy again, then water-like drips suddenly run out. I scratch my throat, causing a stir because the sound is alien and loud like pig grunts. I’ve tutored at least 13 students today, 10 of them, ESL; I think they were all afraid to get close to me.

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