Tuesday, September 18, 2007

in the shadows

Finally, I am sending out drafts of my novel Bottom Rail, which has grown in the shadows. I’ve been writing this book since 2001. It started out as a short story in Max Byrd’s class and has fanned out to 293 pages----a long haul and a trying experience. The truth about my writing is that it is very slow and I have always tried to mirror the sound of my words in passages to Thelonious Monk’s cacophony and dissonant movement---every element that makes up the South is dissonant, and perfectly unexpected.

I don’t anticipate any immediate takers, but I do hope to raise some brows and spark some interested wagoners! Wish me luck!


Spring said...

How exciting! Much luck to you and may your work be well recognized!

Shawna Yang Ryan said...

Good luck! Wow, that's great, you sneaky novelist you!