Monday, September 10, 2007

family images

When I gave birth to my daughter, I knew she would not be blond like I was. She was plump, curvy, and the cutest brown ball you’d ever see. Here, she sits next to my brother, Preston, on an annual family vacation in Monterey, California. My brother is a character in his own right. Today, he has tattoos honoring nearly every death our family has experienced; some tats are of course--just because. But these two were challenged early on in their lives together. At John Holt Elementary school, they were asked all the time “if he is your uncle and she is your niece why are you different colors?” My father has 3 sets of children; Preston is the baby. Then there are my two beautiful, HOT sisters! Lea and Jessi. My father's side of my family is wonderfully complex--not as clear cut as my mom's. My father was a very proud, family man. And a very busy man he was!!
--James 1946-2003

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