Tuesday, September 25, 2007

blueberries & churches

Two more beautiful pictures photographed by Andreea. The first is a picture of her grandmother's hands. She picks wild blueberries that grow in a Romanian forest--certain soil and sun exposure. They grow in the same area for many generations and are the most popular fruit in the mountain region where her grandmother lives. Many people walk for miles and miles to get to them, but only the locals know where to go for immediate access. Many of my non-native American students are quick to tell me that American foods: cilantro, onion, pears, tomato, pineapple, papaya, and guava do not have the same taste as their native fruits and vegs. Andreea assured me that blueberries are "10 times better than the ones you have here; they are darker and the flavour is much more intense. Most people use them because they are very healthy and as medicine for different things." She says everyone takes them if they can find them and locals take extra to sell to a center in the village where people send them to other countries.

The two churches across the way from each other paints a highly unusual scene---the epitome of what juxtaposition means. Or, as Andreea titles the picture: parallelism. One is Catholic, the other is Orthodox (from left to right). The Orthodox church is called the Catedrala Reintregirii. The churches are in Alba Iulia, Transylvania -- Ardeal, Romania. The pictures were taken from Andreea's childhood bedroom. Her parents continue to live in the house. At times, during our conversations, I can feel her nostalgia for home. She's one of my favorite photographers. What a view!


Shawna Yang Ryan said...

Who is Andreaa? The pictures are amazing, especially the one of her grandmother's hands stained blue. Wow.

jenn's mama said...

She's one of my former students here at the college. I tutored her last year and at the beginning of this year in an upper division literature class. She's got a great eye and fortunately currently enrolled at UNT as an undergrad art / interior design major. She reads the blog, but I'll be sure to send your complement her way.