Friday, September 7, 2007

art for art's sake

My mother struggled annually to keep the last of her two children, my brother, in school. Granted, he really wasn't a troublesome child or even mischievous. But when it came to his preference for the school book and the classroom or the other, he opted for a sketch pad and graphite. I imagine if he were alive today, he would have created scenes for movies like Predator or 300 or Underworld. His imagination was beyond his time. These were done around 1985, 1986 during the last phases of his lifetime, 16. And then 17. He was so humble about his work and severely unaware of his talent or what it feels like to create art for endorsement. What a freedom that must have been. --Eric 1968-1985

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Spring said...

Ah, that's so sad. What a lost talent. Your brother and Jesse would have had a great time together, had time been jumbled a bit.