Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a different kind of happiness

A cluster of black men pool in a slough around and behind a cab bed
full with laughter their voices compete with thousands of trills and hoarse calls from whippoorwills
then a horse, his Mexican chavo, rides by
four boys fight verbally so he watches then riding
in a twist, passing, his brows touching at the center
dogs bark simply at the air while weeds
prove the history of their name wrong
random collections of trash blow lightly, catch in the wind and
sometimes snag beautifully across the tips of metal fences
A turn
His watch lays gently on the coffee table next to a measuring tape and sketches by an artist who only Aztec muses would fool with at birth
Dios has more than blessed the day because by the time the candle dies to the warm spring winds, June bugs begin to exercise for late night clumsy crashes and the roosters with their limitless crows generously peck through their own shit for a grain---it’s a moment when fathoming has no place
By July there will be a new life just beginning as will many
The same time only a different moment--that feeling of love seems like what god must someday tire of

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